remember once upon a time when people used to send hanna headcanons and submit fics
to me all the time wow that was nice

Elsa and Anna + mood boards (insp)

today was my last weekend at home and my last chance to see my best friend and say goodbye to her in person before i move 5 hours away to start university and as small gift she gave me this. to be simply said i cried a lot. this means a lot to me and im going to miss her everyday


it’s okay elsa- god bless you


Isn’t that the guy who voiced Hans?


i just love hockeydad!hans so much cause he’s this aggressive player who starts fights and makes guys bleed and bruise but then at home hes also a sweet dad who would have a tea party with his daughters or braid their hair even though hes terrible at it and reads bedtime stories to his kids before he kisses them goodnight
*flops over and cries*


whenever my favorite character isnt in a group photoset i get personally offended

Your power will only grow.

There is  b e a u t y  in it, but also great  d a n g e r.


  → disneymeme: [2|2] locations.
            ∟ancient china - mulan; 1998.

my hans shirt better arrive this week omfg

i wanna buy the mug im gonna buy the mug

"Psst - Computer, define ‘dancing’."

Dancing (v.): a series of movements involving two partners, where speed and rhythm match harmoniously with music.