what sort of products/what do you do to your hair because I have short curly hair and it likes to be a butt a lot and your hair is just so perfect

thank you oh my gosh!

my hair is naturally kind of wavy um when i dont do anything with it looks like this + sometimes i straighten it 

90% of the time i curl it though which is what you mostly see in my selfies but if i cant be bothered to spend the time to actually curl my hair i put  moroccanoil intense curl cream in to keep it in check and give it a little bounce

and any other time i curl it using a curling iron and then hairspray thats it  :)

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posted this on instagram but didnt post it here but bam here it is it belongs in my selfie tag cause its a gooder ~

i only have about 40 work days left before im done and moving :)))))

But it’s so white. You know, how about a little color? I’m thinking like maybe some crimson, chartreuse.


Sensational Disney’s 30 Day Animated Feature ChallengeDay 3: Your favorite official prince

All around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you.

Spleeping Beauty (1959); You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.

New stills for Disney’s Into the Woods

disney meme + 3/10 locations
Sugar Rush

Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don’t know? Somehow I cannot hide, who I am, though I’ve tried. When will my reflection show, who I am inside… when will my reflection show, who I am inside?

A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen.