Blood sweat and aBS????

yes indeed you read correctly

*whispers* hopefully going to have a new hockey!hans drawing up tomorrow ^^

anonymous asked: daenerys or elsa

omg the ralph plush <333

i knoww 

he was all i begged and wanted for christmas last year after watching wir in theatres like 5 times 

and i opened it up and was jumping off the walls excited and happy

Karengilln asked llama Kuzco or human Kuzco 

i love that hans is your desktop wallpaper

well of course he is

it couldn’t possibly be any other way

teehee i bought frozen posters today and im incredibly happy about this and my room is way more livable in now im never leaving ever


for the always flawless bea-sim cause she politely kicked my butt into actually getting around to drawing these 3 gorgeous morons and because she’s writing hockeyau for meee <3 so i kind of owe her one too (there i posted it for everyone to see cant back out now haha)

make me choose: destiel or carl/ellie (requested by iheartspn83)

Ah crap on a cracker I'm not sure if it finished sending. Any who is had a dream of Hans singing 'No One Would Listen' from Phantom of the Opera and feels cause it was him after Anna left him for a Kristoff and yea sadness.

im so upset now why did you tell me this

im not okay with this no 


 asked:Elsa or Rapunzel?